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Konigsberg - East Prussia

Brief History
Königsberg was the capital of East Prussia from the Late Middle Ages until 1945. It was founded by the Teutonic Knights just south of the Sambian peninsula in 1255 during the Northern Crusades and named in honour of King (German: König) Ottokar II of Bohemia (the German-language name Königsberg literally means "King's mountain"). The city successively became the capital of their monastic state, the Duchy of Prussia, and East Prussia. The Baltic port developed into a German cultural center, being the residence of, among others, Richard Wagner, Immanuel Kant, E.T.A. Hoffmann, and David Hilbert.

Königsberg was heavily damaged by Allied bombing in 1944 during World War II and was subsequently conquered by the Red Army after the Battle of Königsberg in 1945. The city was annexed by the Soviet Union according to the Potsdam Agreement and largely repopulated with Russians. Briefly Russified as (Kyonigsberg), it was renamed Kaliningrad in 1946 after Soviet leader Mikhail Kalinin. The city is now the capital of Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast.

Modelling Konigsberg / East Prussia
Konigsberg captured my imagination, especially the "alte speicher" next to the Hundegatt on the Lastadie. The unique "fachwerk" (half-timbering) warehouses were part of Konigsberg from the 13th century until their demise in 1944/1945. I am attemping to model these speichers in HO (by way of scratchbuilding) and you can follow my progress here (Speicherhäuser page to follow)

Andre de Voor & Richard van Hilton (from Nederland) are also actively modelling Konigsberg (in HO) so please visit their website 'De lijn Königsberg - Berchtesgaden', which is packed with information.

Konigsberg Speicher
Der Blick von der Krämerbrücke auf die berühmten Königsberger Speicherhäuser.
Jedes Speicherhaus hatte sein eigenes Wappen.

These are some of the useful references:

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Konigsberg Kneiphof
Map of Konigsberg around the Kneiphof & Altstadt areas.
The speichers were around the Lastadiengasse - to the left of Kneiphof

I would like to thank everyone and in particular Charlotte Gottschalk, Renate Steinkopf, Heinz Ney & Thomas Nosske who passed on information, documents, photographs and links to follow-up.

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